Where my love begun for Fashion Illustration…Antonio Lopez

Fashion Illustration – No. 10

I moved briefly into an apartment, one of my first apartments with my boyfriend at the time and discovered the previous tenant had left an Antonio Lopez Fashion illustration book. That was where my love begun for Fashion Illustration…legendary Antonio Lopez. To me Antonio was more than just a Fashion illustrator but a real Artist. When I read about him it seemed that he didn’t believe that he would make a living exclusively by being an Artist so he did Fashion Illustration. In my opinion he was one of the best. His illustration and portraits are truly beautiful, inspiring, capturing that time yet still contemporary. His muses, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones, Jessica Lange, Pat Cleveland are immortalised in his wonderful illustrations, art and photography.
I thank you Antonio Lopez for all you contributed to the world, you made the world a much more glamorous, beautiful and colourful place. Inspiring me to get my first portfolio of Illustration work together and go see Art Directors and Editors of Magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan which I had my work regularly published in. Now I find myself in a new period of my life and career where I am reinventing, rediscovering and developing in addition to my painting, my love of fashion illustration.

If you are in NYC there is an exhibition of Antonio’s  photographs at the Danziger Gallery on Rivington Street until the end of April 2018.

My early fashion Illustrations appear in publications such as Image-makers : Cutting Edge Fashion Illustration (Mitchell Beazley Art & Design), Big Book of Fashion Illustration : A Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration and Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration.